Peter Horrobin, Founder and International Director

There is no doubt that God has raised up Partnership Ministries at what is a critical time for the Body of Christ. The teaching of Alistair Petrie is totally outstanding. He clearly presents the plumbline of Biblical truth and helps people to see where beliefs and practices are out of line with God’s Word.

Lorrie White, International Bible Teacher

I believe Partnership Ministries has been raised up by the Lord to challenge the Church of Jesus to look carefully at our past and to see how the past relates to where the Church is today.

Ray Borg, HR Consultant

In a time of increasing challenges and complexities in understanding and navigating the world’s economic, social, religious and political systems, Alistair Petrie gives insight and understanding through the use of solid Biblical teaching of not only how to read the signs along the way

Rev. Ron Corcoran, Author

I have known Alistair and Marie Petrie for almost 20 years and I have no hesitancy in recommending them or their ministry to you. They are people of depth with great integrity and a fiery passion for the truth of the Gospel, but most of all they love Jesus.

Jim Person, Director C.E.E.D. Centre

After attending the teaching on 21st Century Marketplace, I never look at a newspaper or watch the news on television the same way.  Each event is significant in the structure of our society, and significantly impacts the spiritual and natural realms in which we live.

Rick Barker, Senior Pastor

Alistair and Marie Petrie are always a blessing to us and a very welcomed breath of fresh air when they visit us here in their role as spiritual overseers for our church. They have proven to be a wealth of blessing every time they come.

Ruth Ruibal, D. Hum., D. Min.

I have known Dr. Petrie for over a decade and admire his authenticity in using Scriptures as basis for teaching. The Lord has given him much insight into global situations from a Biblical perspective.