Partnership Ministries in Africa

Author: Alistair Petrie

Nov 12, 2009


Partnership Ministries in Africa

Nov 12, 2009

Partnership Ministries in Africa




We arrived into Johannesburg amid a spectacular African Sky.

The following day we took part in a breakfast meeting for business people with a heart for Marketplace Ministry, as well as for their role and passion for their nation.

In the afternoon we attended the apartheid museum to get a better understanding of some of the history of the nation, the people, and the land. Driving through the city it is easy to see how far and fast the nation has come, and yet how apparent the wounds of the history are, both in the physical as well as in the spiritual.

In the evening we had another Marketplace meeting over dinner with some of the key leaders in business. It was a wonderful evening of seeing vision and hope come alive in the eyes of some of the leaders there. One person remarked how it was life changing for them! It will be exciting to see how the sparks of Transformational Revival spread from the lives of impacted individuals into their spheres of influence.


Our first meeting in Pretoria was another breakfast meeting for business leaders. This took place at an indoor/outdoor restaurant on the edge of the city. Rather interesting using a Power-point projector on the outdoor dining deck underneath the giant palm trees as the sun rises! We returned later on again in the day for a dinner meeting to the same venue.

We also had the opportunity for a drive around the greater Pretoria area. We got to see first hand some of the real security concerns people have as to the gated communities as we were refused entrance to even enter a suburban community. Pretoria, like the whole of South Africa is a place of extremes. From multi million dollar homes of architectural beauty, to the slums that inhabit hundreds of thousands just minutes away.

The next portion of our drive took us to the area known as Mamelodi. A community part of Pretoria that is most definitely third world. Driving through you could certainly feel the fear and hopelessness that so many people live with. Watching children play outside of loosely formed homes and seeing a jumbling of wires and steel sidings bunched up together. As you go through you feel humbled when you realize that while in this area there are huge economic differences, that in the eyes of God all are loved equally.

And from there we began the school with Ellel Ministries Africa. It was wonderful to extend our partnership with Ellel Ministries International. The center in Africa is on the edge of the city of Pretoria and we had an overflowing school thanks to some interesting timing of a previous radio interview! We had a three day school with people coming from all over the Pretoria/Johannesburg area as well as a few other cities within the nation.

Teaching subjects ranged from: What is Transformation? What is the difference between being a Christian in Business and having a Kingdom Business? Recognizing the Signs of the Times; Challenges and Lessons learned from other community Transformation models; What are the 32 Convergences? As well as some introductional teachings such as What Will the Church in the 21st Century look like? We also spent much time talking with people as to what is South Africa’s destiny and the unique challenges inherent to it.

There was time for questions and answers, as well as some teaching and encouraging time spent with the Ellel Africa team as they continue the ministry throughout South Africa as well as into other parts of the African continent such as Kenya and Rwanda.

We concluded our time in Pretoria with a meeting with the International Transformation Network leaders from Pretoria as to the challenges that have been felt in the nation over the last few years.

One of the unique aspects in the nation is that it has several different ministries all working towards Transformational Revival in the nation and continent.

At the same time the nation has been enjoying good economic growth and is now facing multiple political, moral, and spiritual challenges all at the same time.

There are certainly interesting days ahead for the land and people of South Africa.

For us one of the most memorable moments took place in Cape Town. While there we were treated to a Super 14 Rugby match between the Cape Town Stormers, and Christchurch, NZ Crusaders. During the Pre-game warm up we observed the New Zealand team practice a form of a scrum. They all interlinked their arms in the form of an arrow. When game time came there was nothing the home team could do to stop them when the arrow was interlinked in unity.

What a significant picture it was for the Kingdom of God to be at work in Africa. Surely when enough people, ministries, churches, and prayer are all linked up together, there is nothing that cannot be achieved with the power of the Lord at work in the people and the land! Blessings – Alistair & Mike