November/December Blog #7

Author: Alistair Petrie

Nov 26, 2019


November/December Blog #7

Nov 26, 2019

After meeting with various leadership groups over the next few days representing different areas in the North, I was asked to speak at the Christians Who Lead meeting in Garvagh.



My theme was Leading In The Power of Integrity, which for me, is one of the key elements of effective leadership today. It was an amazing evening – about 70 professionals representing many diverse areas of work – educators – medical and research doctors – security and police – the world of finance etc.  – all Christians who influence society through their areas of work.

It is well worthwhile having a look at their website for more information –  This is probably one of the most effective templates of marketplace ministry I have ever seen.

We then travelled to the border city of Newry – an area that experienced many issues during the years of “The Troubles”.

It was a privilege to be the speaker at the 41st Annual All Ireland Convention of the Full Gospel Businessmen. The theme this year was “All Of Your Heart”.  Some quite outstanding testimonies were shared by those whose lives had been visited by the Lord at precarious moments.

In one case a businessman ran afoul of tax personnel who basically had “bullied” him in a situation where he was partly culpable but innocent of their offensive threats. He knew it was important to tell the truth and remain humble in the whole process. He was taken to court and the judge looked at this business person and said have you got high blood pressure? The man said “yes”. The judge said it must be because of these tax inspectors. Then he reprimanded the tax inspectors for their ruthless way of dealing with the situation – and simply said “case dismissed”! Quite extraordinary.

I had the privilege of sharing in 5 sessions concerning the power of an Undivided Heart and why it is important that we are positioned by the Lord in whatever He has called us to undertake – for such a time as this. Here are 2 pictures of that event – one showing some of the delegates and the other taken during a time of corporate prayer after the final session.



It was a privilege to be with these wonderful people – representing many areas across both the North and the Republic. It was then time to return to Bangor with Robin Clarke – note the joy in his face over our last meal together and that he had no further long drives on this trip! And yes! – a picture of the beauty of the land that actually shows a reindeer on the road!! Then a final picture of Robin and Margaret along with 2 leaders from South Africa – Etienne and Wilma – visiting North Ireland for a special prayer venue.




Thank you again for your prayers – it was an extremely busy, full, and rich 3 weeks of ministry and venues across the entire Island. I was so aware of the prayers of many during the travelling and while sharing at the many different venues.

Hopefully these blogs will have given you a glimpse into all that happened – and for which you have played an essential partnership role with us. Ireland is indeed a template nation that has much to teach and model to the rest of the nations. Please also remember Robin and Margaret as they continue to lead the amazing work of Transformations Ireland.

Our love and blessings –

Alistair, Marie and the Partnership Ministries Board