Israel June 2019

Author: Alistair Petrie

Jun 14, 2019


Israel June 2019

Jun 14, 2019

Hello from Israel!  Watch our video blog filmed by one of the most historical areas in the world – standing right by the Red Sea.  Rick Barker and I are in an area where Jordan – Saudi Arabia – Egypt and Israel are all visible. Israeli patrol boats are on the Red Sea “keeping watch”.  Israel is a both a land of conflict –  a land of promise – and a land where all future eschatology will be revealed. Watch and listen as Rick and I discuss the importance of this land during our visit there in June 2019.

Here I am standing in the Red Sea – literally. Israel is both a land of conflict and a land of promise. It has been an extraordinary visit – watching how the global arena is being shaped by global events – all of which have direct relationship with Israel. With another set of national elections now about to take place in Israel – watch carefully over these coming months how nations respond to Israel – and then what happens in those nations. More recently Moldova has said they are moving their Embassy to Jerusalem along with other nations such as the United States. We are living in extraordinary days!

Yes – it is very hot in the Israeli desert! Margaret and Robin Clarke of Transformations Ireland also joined us on this trip. Here we are in the Timna Desert – around the 40C mark!  Amazing how life can exist there – more amazing how the promises of God can sustain people in such a terrain. Remember the miraculous provision of the Manna and Quail? As we learned during this trip – God does speak to His people while they wander in the wilderness of life.


Some of the terrain in the Timna desert was fairly vertical at times!! Yes – Marie did make it – she is one of those ascending this hill (2nd from top in the pink hat) – remember it is around 40C!!


What goes up must come down! Marie and the rest of the group descending the mountain back to desert terrain. There is both beauty and danger in the desert. God gets our attention at the vastness of this terrain – and it is there, Biblically, that we find so many accounts of His miraculous provision and intervention in the lives of His People. Have you ever felt as if you were in a desert? It can play an extremely key part in our understanding of God and the manner in which He wants to reveal His love and purpose in our lives when we run out of our own provision and reserves.


There is something significant about singing “Worthy is The Lamb” in the area of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem – at least on one of the areas where it is believed the death and resurrection of Jesus took place. Here we are about to share in Holy Communion. A very moving experience.

Singing in St. Anne’s Church (Anne – Mother of Mary) – is an experience not soon to be forgotten. The acoustics are extraordinary. Our group burst into song….listen….