From the Field!

Author: Alistair Petrie

Mar 23, 2014


From the Field!

Mar 23, 2014


It has been an interesting last few weeks here at Partnership Ministries. In January we faced fog – snow – blizzards – and icy roads but finally made it to Ontario for a follow up visit to the Kitchener-Waterloo area, followed by a visit to Hamilton. God is at work in several parts of Canada at this time and the next 2-3 years could well develop into some amazing transformation templates. Here are a few pictures showing some of the meetings.




In February we responded to an invitation to the Kansas City area during which we taught for a full day on the subject of Healing The Land to 25 Business and Church leaders who specifically asked us to share on this subject. There is a growing awareness globally of the non-negotiable connection between God – man – and land. Land can be healed with tangible results for those who live and work there. Here is a picture of that venue which took place in an informal setting in the country.


The next day was a “hands on” time of praying at selected areas in the region in order to model how praying on the land actually takes place.

Following Kansas City we stayed for a week in Manchester, also known as The City of Hope. Several years ago a profound move of God took place in this city which has been documented in the Sentinel DVD – An Appalachian Dawn. We are continuing to walk with several of their leaders on their journey towards Transformation and for several days prayed with the leaders and intercessors at various locations throughout the area.



Have a look at this video clip in which you will hear Pastor Doug Abner encourage the people on to their next stage of the journey. It is important to keep on moving ahead into what the Lord still has waiting for us otherwise we can become stuck in our memory and celebration of the past, not realizing God still has much more for us in the future. These words that Doug prays are in keeping with Isaiah 42:9 and Isaiah 43:18-19 in which we are being reminded that God is doing something new in our lives at this time – both locally and globally – and we need to keep pressing on – and pressing in. The second video clip describes what is used when we do this type of onsite field work.

I have just returned from the One Voice Messenger Summit near Nashville, Tennessee. What an amazing experience as God clearly began to open our eyes and ears to the sound He is calling His church to respond to today.


Join us for a moment in this brief video clip in which you will hear Steve Fry, President of Messenger Fellowship, sharing a timely reminder for us all today. Steve challenges us in saying we must not disqualify ourselves in thinking we are too old to be participating in what God is doing today and that people of all age groups need to be “on board”! Indeed the best days are still to come. The second video clip will give you a glimpse of the worship encountered during this amazing time!

We are so grateful for your prayers. Shortly we leave for England, Scotland and Dublin. The themes themselves are expressive of life in this day and age – Living For God In a Hostile World (with Ellel Ministries at Lancaster, UK) – and Sound a Blast On The Trumpets (for Lydia Fellowship). People are looking for serious and tangible answers.

Please keep praying for health and safety and refreshing as we prepare for all these different venues.

Thanks and blessings,

Alistair and Marie