A New Year has begun!

Author: Alistair Petrie

Jan 19, 2014


A New Year has begun!

Jan 19, 2014

A New Year has begun!

Marie and I are just about to begin our 2014 itinerary of visiting many areas across North America and globally. Recently we were challenged by fog, waiting 10 hours in our own airport en route to Ottawa. Many flights attempted to land – but all were aborted.


Yet God is speaking even when our plans change – (Proverbs 16:9). Yet while our plans can change so quickly in this day and age – especially when weather conditions are so unpredictable – nevertheless it is so key that we trust Him in establishing all our footsteps in this day and age. God is on the move today – and we need to keep pace with Him! Please check our web calendar so that you can see where we will be – and when. We would love to see you if you are able to join us at any of these venues.

Also – we have finally completed our new ministry promo. It has taken a number of months to complete this project which was our response to numerous requests for a video that would explain who we are as a ministry and what we do. Please take a look – you will find it directly on our home page, in the middle panel! See below and click the image to watch it now!


A new year has begun – much is already happening globally whether the subject is politics, economics, weather! – or even the church. People in many nations are wondering what on earth is going on! Shortly we are releasing our next Newsletter in which I will be sharing two key verses that I feel the Lord is giving us as a ministry to share throughout this year concerning His profound protection and direction that goes before us and which protects us especially when times are uncertain.

Personally, I am actually very excited at what lies before us – even with all the challenges that are around us. He is speaking….check out Psalm 29. There we are told His voice is over the waters – His voice is powerful – His voice is majestic – His voice strikes with flashes of lightning – His voice shakes the desert – His voice can strip forests bare. These descriptions of His voice tell us of the immense power He has over every aspect of life. No wonder we also read that in His temple – the people cry “Glory”! What more can we say?

Watch this blog for updates on what we believe God is saying to His people for such a time as this as we visit and work with many in different parts of the world.

Happy New Year!