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I have known Alistair and Marie Petrie for almost 20 years and I have no hesitancy in recommending them or their ministry to you. They are people of depth with great integrity and a fiery passion for the truth of the Gospel, but most of all they love Jesus.

Rev. Ron Corcoran, Author
Arch Deacon - Church Of Our Lord British Columbia, Canada

A: For over 35 years, we have watched the Lord perform many miracles when it comes to the subject of praying over land.  Several testimonies are seen on the well documented Transformation DVD series which show vivid accounts of property – cities – and land areas within nations being substantially changed to a degree that the product of the land went from a basic minimum to a profound harvest. Such testimonies and accounts followed a time of prayer that utilized a diagnosis of the area, informed research, and the use of such elements as salt and water, and at times oil, and Communion wine. It opens up a question however – Is this “Christian magic”?  Is this found in the Bible?  When did this practice come into the life of the Church?

The symbol of salt refers to cleansing, the removal of what is corrupt and is in itself an agent for addressing what is toxic. Reference to this is found in Scripture (2 Kings 2:19-22) in which water is healed and made pure once the salt was released into it – as well as Jesus Himself making reference to salt in Luke 14:34-35. Meanwhile water is a symbol of satisfying thirst (Mark 9:41) and is also used in cleansing. It is even used as a metaphor of Jesus Himself when referring to the living water in His conversation with the Samaritan woman in John 4:9-14. It satisfies, refreshes, and can symbolise the release of new life. There are many references to water in the Bible. In Early Church days there was a developing practice of using salt and water as a visual means of addressing corruption and releasing new life. The use of oil in Scripture is multi-faceted and involves anointing – releasing – and healing. Our custodianship as stewards of God’s land can at times involve using all these elements as a visual indication of what we are praying through in our areas of responsibility. When combined with proper protocol with an understanding of land from God’s perspective which can be redeemed and healed (c.f. Leviticus 25:23-24; 2 Chronicles 7:14) – the results we have personally witnessed are profound!

More extended teaching on this topic can be found within the workbook “A Sacred Trust“,  as well as the book “Releasing Heaven On Earth” – available in our Shop.