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I have known Alistair and Marie Petrie for almost 20 years and I have no hesitancy in recommending them or their ministry to you. They are people of depth with great integrity and a fiery passion for the truth of the Gospel, but most of all they love Jesus.

Rev. Ron Corcoran, Author
Arch Deacon - Church Of Our Lord British Columbia, Canada

A: We have found over many years of working with communities and cities of varying sizes, that each location normally has 7 major areas of influence that have significant cause-and-effect upon the ebb and flow of that area. These seven areas or spheres of activity and influence include The Church – The Legal Sphere – The Political Sphere – The Educational Sphere – the Sphere of Radio , TV, Media and Athletics – the Medical Sphere – and, on occasion the Armed Forces, if there is a presence of any branch of the Military in that place. At times these are described as Doorways, or Gateways – and there are teachings that refer to “mountains” – though that is in fact quite a separate subject.

Identifying these areas of influence or activity enables us to diagnose more specifically the various areas of weakness and strength that may have caused both positive and negative influence over years, if not generations. This, in turn, allows for more specific and strategic prayer when one is aware of the concerns in each of these areas that in any way may have had significant influence in a community. Scripture is quite clear that God has plans and purposes for cities and communities to be changed and transformed (c.c. Proverbs 11:10-11; Ecclesiastes 9:14-15; Acts 8:8; Acts 9:35) into their optimum purpose. When people who represent these various spheres of influence learn how to identify with issues that needed to be addressed both historically and in the present generation, which includes their confessing and repenting of collective sins, renouncing what is contrary to God’s purposes and releasing the healing and transforming power of God – then change will occur. It is both an individual and collective form of stewardship, responding with Godly protocol to a strategy that God gives to His people unique to each area. To witness an area receiving corporate insight and understanding into its unique destiny is quite profound.

In 2 Chronicles 29 we read of Hezekiah and his people who lived in a time of devastation which was the result of many years of corrupt leadership and idolatrous living. A strategy unfolds involving the spiritual leadership and all the city officials – and then in vs.36 we are told that “Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced at what God had brought about for His people, because it was done so quickly.” This describes the process of transformation.

More extended teaching on this topic and other topics can be found in occasional and downloadable papers presented in the Members Section and within the books and DVDs available in the Shop.